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Product development

Soontrue Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established for 28 years.

Take the lead in developing flow type pillow bag packaging machine(SZ series);

Take the lead in the research and development of small salt packaging (with electronic scale) to break the industry gap;

The ZL series automatic vertical packaging machine, which took the lead in research and development, has entered the liquid, condiment, salt, powder, quick freezing and other industries;

Take the lead in developing soft pumping packaging machine and solve the problem of soft pumping packaging;

Developed in cooperation with Topack company of Japan, and opened multiple domestic packaging production lines for Shanghai pharmaceutical industry;

It took the lead in successfully developing high-speed vertical packaging machine, and entered the North American market and was recognized.



"Three major production bases in Shanghai, Foshan and Chengdu, operating by industry;

With a total area of 170 mu, 33 regional marketing service outlets have been established nationwide;

More than 1500 employees, 112 graduate students, 112 engineers, 165 senior technicians, 139 employees for 10 years, and 30% of the total R & D personnel,

We have built a professional team integrating R & D, production, manufacturing, sales and service for each industry

Packaging equipment serves snack food, baked goods, frozen food, salted condiments

Household paper, solid beverage, medical and health products, dairy products and other 8 industries“





"Provide and manufacture automatic integrated packaging systems and solutions for 3000 + companies.

It has implemented automatic integrated packaging systems and solutions for more than 500 listed companies, such as Dali, Fuma, Panpan, Taoli, Wangwang food, Qiaqia food, laiyifen, Yanjin shop, miss you jujube industry, Sanquan food, Miss food, Wanchai Wharf (General Mill) , Anjing food, Xinyi pharmaceutical, Bayer salt, Tongrentang, beinmei, Weiwei dairy, China Salt Group, Hengan Group, jinhongye group, Zhongshun jierou, Weida group and other enterprises;

The products have been highly praised not only in developing countries, but also in the European Union and North American developed countries“




Over the past 28 years, Soontrue has created hundreds of billions of output value for customers

Over the past 28 years, Soontrue has created hundreds of billions of output value for customers. The exquisite, hygienic, quality and quantity guaranteed packaging has brought people a high-quality life, reflecting the business philosophy and brand slogan of "wisdom create,enlighten your easy life". In the future, Soontrue will continue to forge ahead with our customer partners!