History and development of Soontrue


China's new era of automated packaging.

In 1993, Soontrue Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in Foshan, determined to change the current situation of China's backward food packaging machinery and long-term dependence on foreign technology.

In the same year, the first PM100 pillow type food packaging machine was born, which changed the history of manual packaging in China's baking industry. Soontrue has also become a benchmark enterprise that takes the lead in independently developing and manufacturing food packaging machinery in China.



Excellent quality mechanical equipment manufacturer

As a pioneer in the industry,Soontrue was determined to build high-tech and high-quality automation machinery in the early stage of entrepreneurship. From 1993 to 2010, Soontrue positioned the brand vision as "striving to be a mechanical equipment manufacturer with excellent quality", and interpreted this ideal with the combination of steady development in the forefront of the industry and brand market reputation. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Soontrue has focused on packaging automation products for many years to satisfy customers!



Mechanical equipment supplier with customer satisfaction

In 2010, according to the enterprise scale, industrial chain and product line, Soontrue carried out the planning and integration of group structure, comprehensively combed and systematically upgraded the brand culture concept, established the business belief of "being dedicated and diligent, being tolerant and far-reaching" and the market view of "all customer needs oriented", and changed the brand vision from "striving to be a mechanical equipment manufacturer with excellent quality" It was adjusted to be a "mechanical equipment supplier satisfied by users", and officially announced the transformation and upgrading from providing food packaging machinery products to packaging automation scheme marketing.



Reliable mechanical equipment service provider

In 2017, Soontrue completed the integration of the secondary group structure planning, refined the product lines and operation modes of various professional lines and the brand image identification system based on professional divisions, strengthened the concept of "all-round, all-round effort", "product diversification and all-round service" brand advantage, and changed the brand vision from

"Mechanical equipment supplier satisfied by users" has been upgraded to "trusted mechanical equipment service provider", and has steadily completed the three steps of "manufacturer supplier service provider" of Soontrue brand.


From the heart

Wisdom·create·Enlighten·easy life

As a brand slogan newly launched by Soontrue, "wisdom create,enlighten your easy life" condenses Soontrue's understanding of career and business philosophy for more than 20 years, and explains the essence and future of packaging automation industry. Soontrue has made forward-looking innovation breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent manipulator, automatic packing, intelligent catering and so on, which reflects the unique industry wisdom in the field of creating demand and guiding demand as a trusted service provider of mechanical equipment in the future. With Soontrue, free life is infinitely possible!