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Bakery product /Medical /Hardware /Daily necessities / School Supplies product flow type pillow bag packaging machine

SZ-180 is one of the hot sale product of Soontrue's flow pack machine series. Its controlled by three servo control, max speed is 300bags/min. SZ-180 is a multi functional flow pack machine with adjustable bag former.


It's suitable for baking food,candy,medicine,daily necessities,hardware part,paper box or tray and other solid and regular product packing. 

About Soontrue's SZ-180L


Performance Characteristics

1. The whole machine is controlled by three servos.

2. Seven-inch touch screen display, easy to operate, clear working status.

3. A variety of product parameters and formulas can be stored, no need to repeat settings, just download and use.

4. Automatically adjust the bag length without manual setting.

5. Higher precision, accurate sealing and cutting position.

6. The stopping position and printing position can be set arbitrarily.

7. The mechanical structure is simple, the debugging is convenient and intuitive, and the after-sales maintenance cost is low.

8. The bag maker can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of product specifications.

9. The structural layout conforms to the ergonomic mechanics, which can conveniently and quickly perform sanitary cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and overhaul of the machine.

10. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator and effectively improve the production efficiency.