Reciprocating cutter base flow type packing machine

Reciprocating cutter base flow type packing machine is an excellent solution specially designed for the application requirements of large size and compact packaging. Has both of beautiful appearance and economical packaging cost advantage. It is a typical case of modern packaging solutions.

SZ-801W Reciprocating cutter base Down film structure flow type packing machine

About Soontrue flow pack machine 1.Soontrure Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines a...

About Soontrue flow pack machine

1.Soontrure Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines are highly efficient packaging machines for back sealing pillow bag with clear or printed PET, PE or BOPP-based film, ideal for packaging single or multi product with large capacity.

2.Soonture Flow Wrap machines cover a wide variety of applications and can be customized according to your production needs. 

3.All individual modules that comprise Soontrue Flow packaging machines are available in different versions according to your production requirements. (Customized packing project).

4.The series of Soontrue flow pack machine upgrade as servo control, more steady running and running precision.

5.It can be connected to the feeding system to realize a high-speed, fully automated packaging system.


Performance Characteristics

1. The whole machine is controlled by seven servos.

2. The knife seal is of reciprocating structure, and the seal is flat and beautiful.

3. The packaging range of the whole machine is very large, which is suitable for packaging all kinds of products with large specifications and sizes.

4. Ten inch touch screen display, easy operation and clear working state.

5. It can store a variety of product parameters and formulas, which can be downloaded without repeated settings.

6. Automatically adjust the bag length without manual setting.

7. Higher precision and accurate sealing and cutting position.

8. The stop position and printing position can be set arbitrarily.

9. Simple mechanical structure, convenient and intuitive commissioning and low after-sales maintenance cost.


It is applicable to the packaging of large-scale products such as large-scale chocolate, dough cake and baking cake with multiple small bags.


Machine’s specification