Improve quality and efficiency, universal packaging, sz-3000 pillow packaging machine to solve your problems!

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All round professional service, stable operation and high production efficiency.

Advantages of high configuration, good quality and sz-3000:

Practical index -- ★★★★★

It is suitable for packing all kinds of irregular articles, viscous articles and solid objects.

1. Food: vermicelli, egg roll, sausage, squid, bread, moon cake, preserved fruit, soft candy, etc.

2. Hardware: hinge, screwdriver, tape measure, tape, etc;

3. Electrical switch: patch panel, switch, etc;

4. Daily chemicals: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper cup, tray, latex gloves, cleaning sponge, etc;

5. Other categories: Notepad, boxed pen, stationery, etc;

6. Drugs: capsule tablets, liquid drug bottles, cotton tablets, masks, medical gloves, medical syringes and other medical articles.

Operation index: ★★★★★

The whole machine is controlled by three servos, which is intelligent, ultra-high, higher precision and more stable operation; Simplified mechanical structure, convenient commissioning and ultra-low after-sales maintenance cost; Seven inch screen display, clear operation status; More intelligent functions can be extended.

Accuracy index: ★★★★★

It can automatically adjust the bag length without manual setting, automatic packaging and high efficiency. The intelligent digital display temperature control meter has accurate temperature control. Higher precision, digital input of sealing and cutting position, making sealing and cutting more accurate. The stop and print positions are unlimited and can be set arbitrarily.

Efficiency index: ★★★★★

It can store a variety of product parameters and formulas, and switch product specifications with one key through formula saving, reading and other operations. It can be downloaded without repeated settings.

Automatic feeding, preventing empty bags and automatic film connection, saving time and cost, reducing staff labor intensity and improving production efficiency.