The demand for COVID-19 testing reagent is blowout, and Shunde enterprises make moves for "surface Kung Fu"

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”Since the beginning of April, we have received orders for more than 100 mask packaging machines. " In Foshan Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery  Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery "), the packaging machines dedicated to masks, nucleic acid detection reagents, protective clothing, goggles and other epidemic prevention products are off-line in batches, said Xu xiewang, chief financial officer of the company.

Packaging is the "surface effort" at the end of product production, which is easy to be ignored, but has a key impact on production capacity and quality. Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery , as a leader in the domestic packaging machinery industry located in,Chencun Town, Shunde region,Foshan City, has developed a number of packaging machine products suitable for epidemic prevention materials since the outbreak, and tilted the production capacity. Mask packaging machine is one of them. For example, at the beginning of 2020, the demand for mask packaging machines is very strong, and the company can receive more than 100 orders a day at most.


After the explosive growth in early 2020, the demand for mask packaging machine once slowed down. Recently, with the outbreak in many parts of the country, the demand for mask packaging machines erupted again. In addition, Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery  has also entered new packaging fields such as protective clothing and goggles.

Especially for antigen detection and nucleic acid detection reagents, the products on the market are mainly manual packaging, and the packaging machine is used for automatic packaging, which can greatly improve the production capacity. "According to the current situation of Songchuan's automatic packaging equipment, we are the only enterprise to conduct such research." Xu xiewang said that the company has recently shipped more than 100 nucleic acid detection and antigen detection reagent packaging machines.

Video of mask packing machine-Soontrue

Since February this year, Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery  has entered the antigen reagent packaging machine market. With the antigen detection officially entering the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment scheme, the demand for detection reagents has expanded rapidly. Some manufacturers directly send their products to Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery , hoping to customize the automatic packaging scheme for them. When a leading customer in Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery  industry adopts manual packaging, a group of two people can pack about 60 reagents per minute. Using the automatic packaging machine of Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery , one person can take care of multiple equipment at the same time, and each equipment can pack 80-100 parts per minute, realizing the multiple growth of production capacity.

Video of robot sorting and packaging virus antigen reagent

Soontrue-Zhuguan Intelligent Machinery  once invented the first pillow packaging machine in China, occupying a leading position in the fields of pillow packaging machine and material handling line in China. In recent years, it has extended its business to the automation of packing and unpacking, and independently developed manipulator products to speed up the digital transformation from products to manufacturing.