With one heart to fight the epidemic, Songchuan is guarding "Shanghai"

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Recent COVID-19 have been repeated,a war without gunpowder

It affects the hearts of countless people

Let the city of Shanghai press the pause button

But Soontrue always sticks to fighting

Provide backup force for epidemic prevention

Unite to fight the epidemic

Strive to win the war of blocking the epidemic




Join hands to fight against epidemic diseases and "apply for" love and keep "Shanghai"

In the face of the sudden attack of the epidemic, the Soontrue anti epidemic Committee immediately started the emergency mechanism. The partners stationed in Soontrue responded with the fastest practical action, strictly implemented the epidemic prevention regulations, reserved living resources within their capacity, supported the epidemic resistance war with technology and services, and brought a force to Songchuan in an extraordinary period!


We should work together to prevent epidemic diseases

Nucleic acid and antigen rotation inspection, distribution of anti epidemic materials, regular killing and garbage removal have become the daily standard configuration. Nucleic acid detection registration, personnel information verification and safe epidemic prevention distance shall be done every day. The fight against the epidemic continues, and we are sticking to it together! At this moment, everyone in Songchuan will unite as one and advance and retreat with Songchuan.





Help prevent epidemic diseases and ensure people's livelihood

During the period of sealing and control, the company will send special personnel to deliver fruits, vegetables and materials every day, and Soontrue committee will organize contactless distribution. The canteen is supplied as usual, and each freshly cooked meal is strictly controlled from the source to ensure the livelihood safety of our employees during the epidemic.





Strictly implement the closed management

In the special period of prevention and control, Soontrue business units adopt fully closed management through online means such as video conference to understand the current situation and health information of internal personnel of the company in detail, actively plan and coordinate grouping, strictly implement sealing and control management and nucleic acid screening, so as to provide strong guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.


Show Songchuan temperature

Songchuan Committee has always been concerned about the life and health of employees, and distributed the purchased daily necessities to everyone at the first time, taking action to care for employees. In addition, while ensuring the daily life of employees, the cultural center of Shanghai base is full of wonderful leisure activities such as study and exercise, which makes the life under closed management enjoyable.




Songchuan is on the move to fight the epidemic

To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, masks, protective clothing and other prevention and control materials are essential, and the packaging production of prevention and control materials has played a key role. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Soontrue people have worked hard day and night to speed up the work, actively cooperate with the needs of mask and protection enterprises, provide support for the packaging of medical materials and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

SZ 1000K Double exhaust vacuum mask packaging machine Soontrue

SZ-602-Medical protective clothing packaging machine-Soontrue

The cherry blossom in Soontrue is a prelude to hope

All good things will come

Pay tribute to the Soontrue people who stick to it silently

They agglomerated protective barriers with their actions

Guarding the stability of the company

Protect everyone's health

Let's work together to keep "Shanghai"