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SZ-350 Down film structure rotary cutter flow pack machine

A.Application It is suitable for all kinds of irregular items, such as hardware,...


It is suitable for all kinds of irregular items, such as hardware, electrical appliances, switches, small commodities, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.


B.About Soontrue SZ Series Servo Control Flow Pack Machine Features:

1.Simple system structure: System is composed by servo motors, servo driver and touch screen. Servo driver is built-in motion control formula of packaging machine without any independent controller, all wiring is connector assembly. Performance of compact design, convenient maintaining and competitive price.

2.Simple operation: With intelligent control system of HMI, it gets simple parameters setting and adjustment.

3.Big bagging size range: Bag length can be set from 60mm to 600mm via color mark tracking or bag length presetting. To set bag length is much easier and flexible.

4.Shaftless driving: Adopt shaftless driving technology among 3 shafts, no mechanical joint, each shaft is controlled by servo motor with gear reducer.

5.Auto-shift cutter: Cutter is running with variable shift, speed curve is generated automatically without manual adjustment, and save mechanical cams.

6.Faster line speed: Max. line speed is up to 50m/min., long package can be packed faster.

7.Faster packing speed: With color mark tracking function, max. packing speed can be up to 200bags/min(Double jaws).

8.High accuracy of color mark tracking: Color mark tracking accuracy is up to 0.1mm

9.Packless function: With this function, no matter when in-feed products are continuous or intermittent, each package will has product inside and no empty bag, so as to reduce loss of film material.

10.Cutless function: With this function, if sensor detects any product is out of position inside film, cutter will stop and restart until this product is discharged.

11.Film splicer: Finished film roll will be spliced new film roll automatically by film splicer without machine stop, so as to save operation time and labor.

12.Cutter torque protection: System detects stress condition of cutter automatically. When hard product is being cutting, resistance is bigger than preset value of torque protection, cutter will stop immediately and run backward, machine can be restarted until this cutting product is discharged without restoration. Value of torque protection is set via touch screen randomly.

13.Customizable special function: Machine can be modified according to customer’s requirement. The whole machine is applied with multiple safety protection devices, which can be equipped with various automatic feeding system.