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SZ-580 Rotary Cutter UP Film Structure Flow Packing Machine

SZ-580 five servos control high speed flow pack machine

About Soontrue flow pack machine

1.Soontrure Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines are highly efficient packaging machines for back sealing pillow bag with clear or printed PET, PE or BOPP-based film, ideal for packaging single or multi product with large capacity.

2.Soonture Flow Wrap machines cover a wide variety of applications and can be customized according to your production needs. 

3.All individual modules that comprise Soontrue Flow packaging machines are available in different versions according to your production requirements. (Customized packing project).

4.The series of Soontrue flow pack machine upgrade as servo control, more steady running and running precision.

5.It can be connected to the feeding system to realize a high-speed, fully automated packaging system.


Performance Characteristics

1.The whole machine is equipped with industrial PC control as standard, and the power drive is equipped with five high-quality servo systems as standard.

2. Seven-inch touch screen display, easy to operate, clear working status.

3. A variety of product parameters and formulas can be stored, no need to repeat settings, just download and use.

4. Automatically adjust the bag length without manual setting.

5. Higher precision, accurate sealing and cutting position.

6. The stopping position and printing position can be set arbitrarily.

7. The mechanical structure is simple, the debugging is convenient and intuitive, and the after-sales maintenance cost is low.

8. The bag maker can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of product specifications.

9. The structural layout conforms to the ergonomic mechanics, which can conveniently and quickly perform sanitary cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and overhaul of the machine.

10. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator and effectively improve the production efficiency.




Applicable to regular biscuits, nut sticks, bread and other baked goods; Capsule tablets, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons or trays and other solid, regular and high-yield product packaging.